Welcome to the Industry Communities Board

The Industry Communities Board is responsible for organizing communities of industry members along specific relevant topics of interest to provide input and guidance to Society products and services in order to enhance the experience and engagement of industry members with the Society.


  1. Organize and promote relevant communities that are attractive to industry, government, ot other non-academic sectors
  2. Assure the quality and value of content in ComSoc conferences, events, training, and publications that cater to industry members
  3. Higher level objective of increasing industry membership and participation in ComSoc activities

What is an industry community?

  • Group of industry members actively contributing and participating in ComSoc activities around a key area of interest
    • Organize workshops, contribute articles, participate in discussions, serve as speakers, etc…
    • Starting with 3 areas: 5G, IoT and SDN
  • Structure of each community:
    • 1-2 coordinators that are members of the Industry Communities Board
    • Steering committee composed of industry leaders that serve as an advisory board
    • Large number of industry community members