Industry Communities

1.0  Scope and Activities

An industry community (IC) is a group formed from ComSoc members, typically non-academic ComSoc members, who develop and promote content in ComSoc that  is useful for  ComSoc’s  practitioners community.  It is focused on practical knowledge in communications and networking technology within its technical scope so that industry engineers, business planners, and government technologists can do their jobs efficiently, using the best knowledge and practices that are available today.  To do this, the IC will propose conferences, forums, workshops, tutorials, classes, exhibits, publications, standards and other types of content designed to encourage participation in ComSoc activities by engineers and the industries that support them.

2. IC Creation and Termination

An IC can be created based on the request from a group of at least three supporting and participating engineers to the ICB chair. The ICB chair may accept the emerging IC and name an initial chair and vice chair of the IC. Every IC and emerging IC will report its activities to the ICB generally twice a year. Based on this report, the ICB will decide on continuation or disbanding of an (emerging) IC. Once per year, prior to the Council and Board meetings at GLOBECOM, the IC Chair will prepare a report to the ICB Chair outlining the activities of the IC for the previous year.

3.0 IC Officers

Initially, the IC’s chair and vice chair are appointed by the ICB chair for a two year term. After this initial term, the IC Chairs and Vice chairs have to be elected by the IC members. Officer terms are two years and each officer can serve a maximum of two terms in the same position.

4.0 Openness and outreach

Every IC is required to have a presence on the ComSoc website under the ICB tab describing its activities, scope, and a contact mechanism for any ComSoc member to contact the IC and get involved.

5.0 Applicability of this generic Charter

This generic charter and the included generic Policies & Procedures are mandatory for all ICs. Any IC can specify additional P&Ps for their own activities, provided that these changes are approved by the ICB.