Fog/Edge Industry Community

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Fog/Edge is an emergent architecture for computing, storage, control, and networking that distributes these services closer to end users along the cloud-to-things continuum. It covers both mobile and wireline scenarios, traverses across hardware and software, resides on network edge but also over access networks and among end users, and includes both data plane and control plane. As an architecture, it supports a growing variety of applications, including those in the Internet of Things (IoT), fifth-generation (5G) wireless systems, and embedded artificial intelligence (AI). By bringing computation and data storage closer to the location where it is needed, it improves response times and saves bandwidth.

This Industry Community aims to fulfill the ComSoc Industry Community Board’s mission to organize and promote relevant communities that are attractive to industry, government, or other non-academic sectors; assure the quality and value of content in ComSoc conferences, events, training, and publications that cater to industry members; and help increase industry membership and participation in ComSoc activities.