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 2020/ Link IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing
Special Issue on Energy-Efficient Edge Computing
2020/ Link Wiley Journal of Software: Practice and Experience
Special Issue on Multi-tier Big Data Pipelines from Edge to the Cloud Data Centers
2020/ Link Elsevier Pervasive and Mobile Computing
Special Issue on Edge Computing in Pervasive Systems
 2020/ Link IEEE Communications Standard Magazine: Cloud and Edge Computing
 2019/05/13 Link IEEE Communications Magazine: Fog Services and Enabling Technologies
2017/10/05 Link IEEE Internet of Things Journal: Fog Computing in the Internet of Things
2019/06/18 Link EIEEE Internet of Things Journal: Advanced Computational Technologies in Mobile Edge Computing for the Internet of Things
 2019/04/16 Link IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology: Fog/Edge Computing for Autonomous and Connected Cars
2018/10/04 Link IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics: Fog Computing for Industrial Applications
2019/01/14 Link IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics: Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Internet of Things, and Big Data Analytics Applications for Healthcare Industry 4.0
 2019/11/26 Link IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics: Intelligent Informatics for Edge of Things in Smart Industrial Ecosystem
2019/02/11 Link IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine: Mobile Edge Computing for Vehicular Networks
2020/01/24 Link IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics: End-Edge-Cloud Orchestrated Algorithms, Systems and Applications in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
2019/10/07 Link IEEE Transactions on Services Computing: Fog/Edge Computing and Services
2019/06/10 Link IET Networks: Edge Network Computing for Big Data Systems over Internet of Things
2019/03/25 Link China Communications: Fog computing enabled Internet of everything
2019/11/26 Link China Communications: Artificial intelligence-driven fog-computing-based radio access networks