IoT Industry Community

Co-Chairs (Chonggang Wang, JaeSeung Song)


IoT Industry Advisory Board

  Chonggang Wang Interdigital  Member Technical Staff
JaeSeung Song Korea Electronics Technology Institute
  Ammar Rayes Cisco Distinguished Engineer  (CTO Office)
  Andreas Mueller Robert Bosch GmbH Project Manager
  Fan Bai GM Global R&D Staff Researcher
  Genshe Chen Intelligent Fusion Technology CTO
  Narisa Chu CWLab International Co-founder
  Shanzhi CHEN DaTang Telecom CTO
  Shenglong Dong ENNew Technology Institute Director
  Vint Cerf Google VP & Chief Internet Evangelist
  Yuan-Kuang Tu Chunghwa Telecom President of the Mobile Business
  Yunyong Zhang China Unicom Vice Director of China Unicom Research Institute
  Zhong Fan Toshiba Research Europe Chief Research Fellow